Phoenix Park Bye Laws

Abbreviated Bye-Laws of The Phoenix Park

1. No person shall light fires in the Park;

2. No person shall discard litter in the Park;

3. No person shall ride a horse in any place where horse riding is prohibited;

4. No person shall exhibit any poster, handbill or other paper for the purpose of canvass or advertisement;

5. No vehicle shall be driven or parked across turf or grass in the Park;

6. No person shall sell, offer or expose for sale in the Park any commodity of any kind;

7. No person shall play any games including football and frisbee in the Park without permission being attained from the Park Superintendent;

8. No person shall fish in any pond in the Park;

9. No person shall deface or disfigure any building fence, railing or other structure in the Park;

10. No person shall act contrary to public morality in the Park;

11. No person shall interfere with any flora or fauna within the Park;

12. No person shall annoy or otherwise interfere with any other person using or enjoying the Park in a lawful manner;

13. Any person that enters the Park with a dog shall have the dog under control;

14. All members of the public should comply with any lawful instruction given to them by a Park Ranger;

15. The Office of Public Works has no responsibility for any loss or theft of private property.

16. All motorists must adhere to the speed limit of 50 km.

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