Events & Recreation

Event organisers are asked to complete an event safety management plan prior to permission being granted for their proposed event 

Event Safety Management Plan

The Phoenix Park, being the largest urban park in Dublin, is recognised as a green lung for the city and recent research highlights the major benefits to public health and well being arising from the wealth of opportunities that such a place as the Phoenix Park has to offer.
Over two thousand sporting and recreational events take place annually in the Park. Organised sporting events are an important feature of the Park. These include:- national and international athletics including duathlons, triathlons, cycling events and community sports days. Many community groups avail of the park and hold various sports day and community days.

The increased focus is on promoting a range of passive rather than active recreational pursuits that broaden interest in the Park and are in keeping with the peaceful ambiance of the Park. There are extensive walking trails throughout the Park. Deer watching is also a favourite pastime in the Park.

Permission is required for all events and where relevant an Event Safety Management Plan is sought. Events with over five thousand participants also require planning permission from the local regulatory authority.  Appropriate film, television, and photo shoots are allowed under permit from the Park Superintendent.

The park is a finite resource. The number and scale of events needs to be appropriate to wildlife sensitivities, the sense of peace and tranquillity, the carrying capacity and wear and tear to the park infrastructure. Any pressure for an increase in the number or size of events must be assessed in this context.

An Event policy framework document has been developed relating to the use of The Phoenix Park for large-scale public cultural, musical and heritage events.  See organising an event in the Phoenix Park.

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Recreational Facilities in the Park

Passive Recreation

Passive Recreation such as walking, photography, bird watching etc. can occur in most areas of the park. No statistics are available for passive recreation in the park but from observation, the park is extensively used as a location for passive recreation and to re-new health & well being.

Active Recreation

A range of active recreational pursuits are facilitated within the park subject to suitability, historic association, safety & ground conditions.

Grounds                                    Facilities

1 Army Pitch                                                  1 Army Grounds Pavilion
3 Camogie                                                     1 Camogie Storage Area
2 Cricket                                                       2 Cricket Pavilions
7 GAA Pitches                                               1 Disused GAA Pavilion
10 Soccer (SR)                                              1 Proposed New GAA Pavilion
2 Soccer (JR)                                                 1 Soccer Pavilion
1 Garda Síochána Pitch                                  1 Garda Síochána Pavilion
1 Mixed use Pitch
1 Polo Grounds                                              1 Polo Pavilion
1 Model Aeroplane Area
1 Seasonal Cross Country Circuit

Event Safety Management Plan Template

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