Official opening of the Commemorative Tree Avenue

On Saturday 30 July President Michael D. Higgins officially opened the Commemorative Tree Avenue in the Phoenix Park.

John McMahon, President Higgins, Sabina Higgins, Margaret Gormley & Lord Mayor C

  • (L-R) - Commissioner John McMahon, President Michael D. Higgins, Sabina Higgins, Chief Park Superintendent Margaret Gormley and Lord Mayor Brendan Carr

This avenue will commemorate the significant events in Irish history that took place between 1912 and 1922. This period was one of the most eventful in Ireland’s history from the campaign for Home Rule, through World War One and the Easter Rising of 1916 to the foundation of the Free State.

Sabina Higgins, President Higgins and Leif Barry, Guide at the Phoenix Park Visi

  • (L-R) Sabina Higgins, President Higgins & Leif Barry (Guide - Phoenix Park Visitor Centre)

The Commemorative Avenue of 180 Plane trees have been planted on the Furze Road within the Phoenix Park as a living memorial, in honour of those who lost their lives during the early period of the twentieth century. The one kilometre long avenue of specimen trees on the western section of the park, with its distant views of the Dublin Mountains, will have two new universal access outdoor classrooms which will double up as picnic tables. Access for all will be an integral part of the scheme.

Commemorative Avenue

The Phoenix Park Picnic Cluster, designed by award-winning furniture designers Simon Doyle and Adrian Coen, has reimagined the traditional picnic bench, creating a more social and accessible space for picnickers to gather and interact. The innovative design consists of a series of interlocking tables and benches crafted from 200 year old oak from the Phoenix Park. Whereas the traditional picnic bench can be difficult for older people and wheelchair users to use and isolates picnickers in their own groups around individual benches, the Picnic Cluster encourages spontaneous interaction between picnickers and is more accessible for people with reduced mobility.

President Higgins, Simon Doyle and Adrian Coen

  • (L-R) Chief Park Superintendent Margaret Gormley, Simon Doyle, Adrian Coen, President Higgins & Sabina Higgins

President Higgins

  • President Higgins addressing the guests

Commissioner John McMahon

  • Commissioner John McMahon addressing the guests

President Higgins group shot

Guests at the opening