Licences and Permits

The Phoenix Park, as the largest urban park in Dublin, is recognised as a green lung for the city and recent research highlights the major benefits to public health and well being arising from the wealth of opportunities that such a place as the Phoenix Park has to offer.

Over 2,000 sporting and recreational events take place annually in the Park. Organised sporting events are an important feature of the Park. These include national and international athletics such as duathlons, triathlons, cycling events and community sports days. Many community groups avail of the park and hold various sports day and community days.

The increased focus is on promoting a range of passive rather than active recreational pursuits that broaden interest in the Park and are in keeping with the peaceful ambiance of the Park. There are extensive walking trails throughout the Park. Deer watching from a distance of at least 50 metres is also a favourite pastime, however it is important to never feed the deer as this causes serious gastrointestinal problems for the members of the wild deer herd.

Please note that the use of drones is NOT permitted in The Phoenix Park.

Permission is required for all organised activities and events.  Applications should be submitted by using the online application form.  Where relevant an Event Safety Management Plan is also sought.

Events with over 5,000 participants also require planning permission from the local regulatory authority.  Appropriate film, television, and photo shoots can also be considered under permit from the Park Superintendent.

The park is a finite resource. The number and scale of events needs to be appropriate to wildlife sensitivities, the sense of peace and tranquillity, the carrying capacity and wear and tear to the park infrastructure. Any pressure for an increase in the number or size of events must be assessed in this context. An Event Policy Framework document has been developed relating to the use of the Phoenix Park for large-scale public cultural, musical and heritage events. Download it below.

A current timetable of Upcoming Events is available to download at this link. Please check this timetable for remaining free dates before submitting your permit application. You may also use the form on this page to apply for a licence or permit for Grangegorman Military Cemetery, Arbour Hill Cemetery, or the Garden of Remembrance.

Can I hold an event in the Phoenix Park?
The Office of Public Works recognises that the holding of appropriate events in its historic sites does much to increase their public profile, and since this is a key objective of the Office, accepts applications to do so. Family-focused events are particularly encouraged, as well as events that include elements of:

heritage, conservation, history, education, art, culture, music, performance, horticulture, biodiversity

The matrix of uses must be checked before you apply for permission.

What documents are required for an event/ photography/ filming?
Before applying (by online form only), please remember that if you are granted permission to hold your event in this location, you must prepare to have:

    • public liability insurance to the value of 6.5 million euro in one instance with the Commissioners of Public Works named and specifically indemnified on the policy
    • an indemnity form will be sent to you after your application is received and all paperwork is in order. Download a sample indemnity form here.
    • a refundable deposit in case of damage to the Park, and in case of breach of conditions
    • an Event Safety Management Plan, a Traffic Management Plan, an Emergency Plan, Method Statement, and a Production Schedule
    • evidence of full consultation with statutory bodies, any residence groups, and adjacent institutions, well in advance of the event, and evidence of your meeting of their requirements
    • all music performances must be IMRO ( Irish Music Rights Association) compliant.
When should I apply?
Photoshoots require a minimum of three working days’ notice. Small scale events require at least four weeks’ minimum notice, and larger events eight weeks’ notice.

No late applications are accepted, and no provisional bookings are made. Once an application is received, a response can be expected in three working days. Application by online booking form only.

Can I get married in the Park?
You cannot currently get married or hold a civil ceremony in the Phoenix Park. You may, however, wish to have your wedding photographs taken there. A permit is needed; just apply with at least three days’ notice. It does not cost any fee to have wedding photos taken in the Park.
Does it cost money to hold an event?


Wedding photographs: Free.
Photoshoot: Price on request.
Filming: Price on request, depending on size and location.
Event: Price on request, and will depend on size and location.

Payments are by electronic means only.

Are there rules and laws for the Phoenix Park?
Yes, there are bye-laws (dated 1925) regulating the use and enjoyment of the Phoenix Park. These can be read online here.


Matrix of Uses
(Phoenix Park, Grangegorman Military Cemetery, Arbour Hill Cemetery, Garden of Remembrance)


Event Policy Framework
(Phoenix Park) & Heritage Ireland on Screen


Heritage Ireland on Screen Policy


Phoenix Park Event Guide 2021-2025