Park Regulations

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The Phoenix Park Act (1925)

The full Phoenix Park Act is available to read at the online Irish Statute Book. Click this link to access each of its twelve sections.

Abbreviated Bye-Laws of the Phoenix Park

  • No person shall light fires in the Park;
  • No person shall discard litter in the Park;
  • No person shall ride a horse in any place where horse riding is prohibited;
  • No person shall exhibit any poster, handbill or other paper for the purpose of canvass or advertisement;
  • No vehicle shall be driven or parked across turf or grass in the Park;
  • No person shall sell, offer or expose for sale in the Park any commodity of any kind;
  • All motorists must adhere to the speed limit of 30 kph;
  • No person shall fish in any pond in the Park;
  • No person shall deface or disfigure any building fence, railing or other structure in the Park;
  • No person shall act contrary to public morality in the Park;
  • No person shall interfere with any flora or fauna within the Park;
  • No person shall annoy or otherwise interfere with any other person using or enjoying the Park in a lawful manner;
  • Any person that enters the Park with a dog shall have the dog under control;
  • All members of the public should comply with any lawful instruction given to them by a Park Ranger;
  • The Office of Public Works has no responsibility for any loss or theft of private property.