The Office of Public Works (OPW) today announced that it will maintain the closure of the peripheral gates to the Phoenix Park in order to facilitate the significant increase in use of the park by walkers and cyclists of all ages in recent months.  The OPW is encouraging all visitors to the Park to do their bit and to choose sustainable modes of travel to and from the Park where possible.

In recent weeks, space for pedestrians and cyclists has increased by 33% adjacent to the main spine of the Park on Chesterfield Avenue. The OPW has introduced 7kms of new cycle lanes in this area taking over the hard shoulder of the road to ensure social distancing can be maintained by walkers and cyclists alike. Current arrangements for vehicular access whereby cars can access the Park through the Castleknock and Park Gate Street gates will continue and the current parking arrangements will be maintained. These measures are being kept under constant review with An Garda Síochána and other key stakeholders and the OPW is monitoring and measuring the impact of these initiatives.

Further measures to curb traffic volumes in the Park are likely to be introduced in the coming months as the Park has seen a sea change in how the public and visitors are enjoying the biodiversity, natural landscape and wilderness of the Park. Speaking about the latest developments OPW Commissioner John McMahon, who has responsibility for Heritage said ‘the Park is Dublin’s ‘green lung’ and OPW is determined to ensure that the Park is a safe, quiet, green space for our visitors, where flora and fauna thrives and where visitors’ health and wellbeing can be enhanced through experiencing the natural environment in the Park. With this in mind, reducing the volume of ‘through-traffic’ is critical and maintaining safe, quiet, open spaces for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy is a key priority for OPW.’

The OPW asks that if visitors have no choice but to travel to the Park by car that they check out to familiarise themselves with access routes, parking facilities and ensure that they park responsibly in designated car parking areas only.


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